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Friday, March 18

Frosting Overload

Last night was really cool and the cake was completely awesome. A bunch of people showed up, or at least more then I expected. Both Karen and Tevana surprised me with really amazing gifts. Thanks again you guys!!
I finished my dog sweater, well, Farckle's sweater... I was able to sew it up at the coffee house and show it to the rest of the group. I feel very proud of myself. I was able to stick with that project and had quite a fun time doing it.
School seemed very long today, ( I think it had to do with the fact that it was Friday, they always seem much longer) and just as I got out of third period art it started to pour rain. Of course all of my teacher's had the air conditioning on full blast because they were to warm to leave it off.
Well, anyways, being thirteen hasn't really had it's ups yet. I feel just the same as I did a few days ago. Oh well, maybe it needs a few more days... Oh, and by the way, buttercream frosting cake isn't good two days in a row.


Wednesday, March 16

Happy Now?!

Okay, Okay, I've given in to the pressure. I'll try as hard as I can to keep up.
Im thirteen!!! See you stitchers thursday for cake!!

Friday, October 8

Don't Know Where To Go From Here

I started a simple little pillow yesterday and finished it this afternoon. It's a really nice pillow case, but know i don't know what to fill it with! All the pillows we have are to big, and even if I tried lining it with fabric, I still wouldn't have any stuffing! I guess I'll have to wait it out, or keep looking for something to fill it with. I hate it when you finally find a nice, quick, fun little project that ends up being a pain! Oh well.

Tuesday, October 5

I Really FINISHED!!!

Last night at about 9:30, i finished my Daisy Chain Scarf! It was super easy so i had no problem finishing it. I'm also really happy with the way it looks.

Monday, October 4

My Fun Experience

I had my first yarn store purchase on Saturday. My mom took me to yarn garden after my aunt's garage sale. It took me forever to find a yarn i liked and knew what to do with. Finally, I came across a yarn called 'Lush', which is made up of angora and wool. It's really soft so I decided to make a nice scarf with it. It's called a 'Daisy Chain Scarf' and i got it out of the Vouge Crocheted Scarves book. I've only go two more rows to go so as soon as I'm done, I'll post a picture of it. Oh, i made 14 dollars at the garage sale!!

Friday, September 10


I promised everyone last night I would post, and boy do I have a lot to post about. Today I finished my raspberry cloche hat and I'm pretty satisfied with it . As soon as I was done with that I attempted to make a capelet which is almost finished, I just have to block it. I wasn't able to go to school because I had a slight fever. Which completely explains the completion of two projects. I know I haven't finished 'the scarf' yet, but it's definitely on it's way.
Well, anyways today I did my moms hair because for once it was actually long enough to 'style'.

oh, and I also started and finished a mohair hat on Sunday. Three projects in one week, I think its a record...

'Summer Cloche Hat'

'Round the Capelet'

'Mohair Hat'

Saturday, August 21

Uh-Oh: part 2

So far so good. Yesterday i added about 7 inches to the scarf. It's an okay start considering I haven't worked on it for weeks! The scarf is 37 1/2 inches long. Today I hope to get at least 10 1/2 more inches to make a total of 4 feet, so tomarrow at the S&B I'll have a nice almost finished scarf. I feel so proud of myself!!!

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